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Hey guys! As promised, a right up for this intake (see here: )

OK! So to start, here is the box the intake came in:

The goodies inside:

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! (and vendors will thank me for Checked the list of parts that are supposed to be in the kit BEFORE you start taking anything apart:

Checked everything off as I found it:

(Most) the tools needed for the install. I made it a point to use hand tools to show the ease of installation; the only thing I'm missing in the pic is the 11mm wrench that that got lost under the car (I hadn't backed up the car yet) I used an adjustable because I couldn't find my damn 8mm open end wrench:

Stock intake:

I did some mild pre-assembly of the gaskets and inlet tube-
Lower gasket:

Upper gasket:

Side Gasket:

...and the inlet tube is held on to the box with 2 bolts:

Now removing the intake itself is pretty easy; basically it's 4 screws, 1 clamp, the Air Intake Temperature Sensor, the vacuum hose near the intake box, and a grommet on the back of the driver's side inlet resonator to the left of the throttle body.
3 screws hold the lid on the stock airbox:

Throttle body clamp:

Disconnect the Air Intake Temperature Sensor:

The grommet plug on the back stock intake:

Vacuum hose removal:

Aaaannnnd the stock 35,000 mile filter:

Everything out of the way:

Remove the front grommet on the stock intake:

I didn't realize the grommet was a steel sleeve in a rubber grommet before I wrestled it out of the stock housing:

So, putting it into the AFE housing was pretty easy once I realized

Now... the Biggest ***** of the whole thing was whole thing putting the Air Intake Temperature Sensor into the AFE tube. They give you a grommet to take up the slop in the hole but the is where I had to use the pliers and and rag; one the push in on the end the the other to twist:

Correct depth:

To make the Air Intake Temperature Sensor reach, I cut 2 factory zip ties:

And two:

and BAM!!! intake is installed:

The quality on this kit was OUTSTANDING!! Everything fit as it should; no miss aligned holes and broken/half ass parts in the kit. I will be adding more pics to this in the next few days but you get the gist for

DRIVING IMPRESSIONS - None, it was a crappy rainy day out :argh: but on the few dry stretches I had, it was definitely more zippy and intake sounded is AWESOME :woot:

I will be updating driving impressions as well

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I had one too and it was a bit loud for my taste, on stock exhaust. AFE makes quality products, excellent flowing filters and in my experience, have excellent customer service.

The stock filter though...My god, I think its obvious where the majority of the airflow comes in at.
Really? You think it's too loud? I think it's only noticeably louder than stock at WOT, but to each there own :)

Yeah, I was kinda shocked how centralized the crud I mean, I know it's dirtiest when the inlet comes it at the bottom of the box, and I expected that, but I thought it was be more spread out across the filter because the inlet to the engine is on the other (clean) end of the filter.
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