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I put that same intake on with an otherwise stock car at 200 miles on it, basically brand new. I thought it was LOUD while it didn't sound bad, I felt the engine lost that modern, refined V8 tone that you'd expect. It was super deep and throaty but almost sounded like air was sucking through a hollow tunnel. I liked the intake and have used AFE products for YEARS on many vehicles so I was kinda partial to them. I also never noticed any bit of difference with the intake on either with throttle response or any type of power gain. I can however tell when the engine is sucking in cool air vs hot 94 degree Florida air.

I sold my AFE and ended up running a 6.1 OEM intake with an AFE drop in filter for a couple years before I bought a Volant, enclosed airbox system for a steal. Did I need to change? Absolutely not but I'm Captain Wishy Washy and cant leave anything alone. I kinda liked the stock-ish look of the engine bay.

You might want to consider taking off that heat soaking engine cover. Mine came off the day I brought it home. The Charger Police Package cars dont have those for a reason. Ford also used them on their Crown Vics but were deleted with the police package models. Our stock covers sell for around $50 used.

See if you can find some 6.4 or 6.1 half covers. They make a nice addition to our engine bays.

And now that it's been on for a few days, what are your thoughts?

Ran AFE on last car really nice system, have a Mopar Bucks one on this cause it was par of the $2k deal back then. A bit of soapy water or better yet some silicone lube makes those IATs slip/slide in much easier the hardest part to CAI installs IMO. Like the "no engine hat" myself BUT you should remove (you can save it for back to stock later) that STICKER on top of the intake there Minnie Pearl, IMO and 392 vent line is worth the $14 tucks it under the covers you added.:yikes:
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