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As the title says.. I'm looking to completely upgrade the audio in my 15 Challenger SXT+

I believe I have the sound group 1 package as the door speaker grills say Alpine but I have no Sub. I'll check tomorrow under the dash for the amp. But assuming that is the package I have, I have a few questions that hopefully some of you have already been through and could easily answer.

I'm a bit of a beginner in car audio but I am very experienced in diy'ing. I am comfortable with cutting, trimming and splicing if I absolutely need to.. but my goal is to do it without so that everything has the potential to return back to stock if need be.

MY expectations are not to win any competitions, just to merely increase the quality of the already decent sound quality that I have now. I have no cap on my budget, but i don't plan on paying ungodly amounts for certain name brands or db levels.

That all being said....

The biggest issue I believe I will have an issue with without ripping everything apart to find out for myself, is the width and depth of the factory cutouts.

I guess I'll start from the front and work my way to the back. Over the course of my research, one brand name kept popping up and that brand is Sundown Audio. They make a speaker for every cutout size I need except for the 3.5 so I'll have to divert a little bit there. But I'd like to keep everythign else inline with that brand unless I'm presented with a viable alternative.

The 3.5 cutouts in the front.. Would it be more benificial to just put 3.5 speakers in there or use the tweeters with a makeshift mount from a component 6x9 set. (I'm thinking the component would be a better option if that channel is truley blocking highs, unless an aftermarket amp could solve that issue). And as with all the speakers I'm about to mention, could you help me with the depth of those factory cutouts.

For the 6x9 door speakers, are these merely mid bass speakers or is the signal from the amp telling that channel to block the highs? I don't want to buy 2 ways if the tweeter won't be utilized. (I'm debating either the Sundown SA-69CX for coaxial or the Focal ISS 690 if I go the component route). Also what is the max depth of that cutout.. I don't mind shaving the water block.

Ok so the fronts are hopefully the easy part.. now lets get into the meat.

The rear deck has 3 speaker cutouts.. two 6.5 and an 8" sub. I plan on filling all these cutouts. Sundown has a 6.5" subwoofer option (X-6.5SW) and an 8" option (X-8). These 3 speakers would potentially be powered by a Sundown 2000 amp (SAE-2000D) or the smaller Sundown 1500 amp (SAE-1500D) if I could get away with it.

Would it pose any issue putting subs in the rear deck that are meant for boxes?

LOC options.
I've had my eye on the AudioControl LOC (LC2i) for some time now, but have recently found the PAC Audio LOC (AP4-CH41). Hopefully someone could give feedback about the comparison of the 2 and if the PAC Audio option is really worth more than 4 times the cost of the AudioControl option.

If need be, I would also entertain the option of powering the front 4 speakers with a second amp
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