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Hey all. I've got a 2014 R/T Classic 6-speed, and this is the first vehicle I've ever owned where I'm interested in getting into aftermarket on, so I'm pretty new at this whole thing.

I'm particularly interested in replacing the shift knob for a more classic pistol grip option, and was wondering if anyone had recommendations.

I've currently got my eye on the Mopar option (Shift Knob - 82213392AB | Mopar). However, all the images I've seen have the Mopar "M" logo on the top of the knob, and I'd prefer to have the gear pattern. Does anyone know if it comes with a gear pattern that you can swap out in favor of, or are you stuck with the "M"?

I'm not married to that option, by any means, but I do love how it sticks with the modern-yet-retro approach of the Challenger itself. Any thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome.

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