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I did spend a little time searching for an answer to this question, and I probably just searched badly.

So, on my SRT-8 (2012, leather seats) I slid into the drivers seat with a lit cigar in my mouth, and burned a hole in the alcantara (or suede) insert. The car only has about 20k miles. It now bugs me every time I get in there. It's only about 3/8" around, but...

So... though I live in a rural area, I know places who could replace just the middle (insert) alcantara. I don't need a whole new seat cover, though that's on the table.

Anyone know where I could find the material that is an exact match?

Next stop is buying a seat (over just the cover) from a junk yard (eBay, honestly), hoping it's not sun faded or worn.

My inserts are black. Thanks in advance!

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This is why I don't let one of my cigars within 20' of my car. Lit or not. But, if it was me, @Stumblin Steve (who is a professional detailer) is right. I would take it to a professional upholstery shop and let them work their magic. Good luck!
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