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Lowered on D2 coil overs. I love the height/look/stance. No rubbing. However camber is way off spec.

Need some professional/experienced help:

D2's advertise "Upper camber plates and pillow ball mounts *certain applications" shop/installers i went with say for '11 R/T D2's don't have camber plates. Can someone confirm? And what you see is the best they can do alignment wise.

If that's true should I just get some type of camber kit/adjustable UCA to correct the camber?

If not true...obviously I need to take to a different shop and hopefully the camber plates will get me closer to spec.

Installers said raising slightly would get camber closer to acceptable range. Im also getting a slight pull to the right.


Thanks in advance. BTW i am not mechanically savvy..thus the post for help.


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