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We get asked a lot of questions about the differences between all of the ADV.1 wheels. So, here is an explanation of the various wheels configurations and designs.

You can order any spoke design with any wheel configuration. We offer 1-piece forged, 3-piece, 3-piece deep concave, 3-piece track spec contoured, 3-piece track spec traditional, and 3-piece trak function.

One-Piece Forged: It is machined from a single piece of aluminum to the customers exact specs, i.e., size / et / profile depth, etc. It provides a strong, lightweight high performance wheel with a slightly more conservative / OEM style.
Three-Piece Forged: Default 3-piece wheel, but the spoke designs have a lot more concavity than a 3-piece wheel from other manufactures as their center spoke's are all flat.
Deep Concave: Same 3-piece construction, but the spoke design is milled from a special forging that is almost twice the size of a normal one allowing for insane concavity on the spoke design.
Track Spec Contoured: 3-piece wheel that is stronger and lighter than the normal 3-piece but we run a smaller barrel on the wheel for weight savings but use a spoke design that extends out over the step lip on the wheel so you get the look of a 20" rim with the weight of a 19" rim.
Track Spec Traditional: Same as above but it uses the standard concave forging so the deepness of the spoke design is limited to around 3” vs. 5”+ on the track spec contoured which uses deep concave forgings for the spoke design. The spokes don't extend out over the step-lip so it doesn't have that "bigger" appearance.
Trak Function: Our entry level 3-piece wheel, has the flat spoke profile like any other 3-piece manufacture, which allows us to make the spoke designs in batches, reduce our production costs, and thus, lowers the MSRP on the wheels as we don't have to custom engineer each set.

We can have pretty much any size and width you'd like to as everything is custom made for your order.

Here are all of the ADV.1 wheels, each with a custom build feature within our store. So, you can select the size, finish, colors and upgrades to price our your custom wheels! ADV.1 at Speedlogix

If you have any questions about the ADV.1 wheels, please post here or give us a call toll free 888-SPD-LOGX.

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Is the pricing on your website for a set of 4 or is the an individual wheel price. Also can you add better pictures. I have 20/15 eye sight and I was having a rough time indentifying which spoke design was what. Was a tad bit confused by the descriptions, what are the sizes of the lips? Is that a negotiable spec?

If those prices are for a set of 4 I may be all over this when I get back from the desert in September. But if those are individual prices I'm gonna have to look some place else.
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