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All weather car cover recommendation?

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Hi when it arrives, my Chally will live outside in a gated but uncovered lot. I'm sure many are cringing at that thought! :)

I will be in need of an all weather (I live in Denver) car cover that hopefully is up to the task of the four seasons. Though I expect to use it mostly in the fall/winter.

Any other tips for outside storage would be appreciated!
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The only one ive seen that fits it perfectly is the one from mopar but be ready to pay over 300. Im thinking of buying the 60 dollar one on ebay. It comes with mirror section also.
check WeatherShield HD by Covercraft works for me great!
I have the one from MOPAR, it fits and works great, even says CHALLENGER across the front.
I just received a Coverking cover (Storm Shield). Don't usually like to post negative opinions - But I wouldn't buy another.
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