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The Challenger has a much shorter wheel base so it allows us to do something the sister cars (LX) cannot, which is make a single aluminum shaft with a CV to stabilize the harmonics. This single shaft is the same design that we have been using in most modern muscle cars for the last few years and is a proven and trouble free shaft for the Challenger. This shaft will replace the stock 2 piece shaft and eliminate the disconnected feeling you get from the stock shaft with its Giubo (rubber drive) and soft hanger bearing rubber.

To Order: Driveshaft Shop 1 Piece Aluminum Driveshaft 2009-2014 5.7L Challenger 6 Speed

Product Auto part Technology Electronic device Cylinder

If you have questions call 561-687-3712 or send us a PM.

- Alexis
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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