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Just ordered a magie supercharger looking for something like the stock coil covers. I looked at the BT coil covers but I want that hidden look more like stock ones rather then exposing all the injector wires and line. Any one use the American car craft cover wonder how they look. or do you have any other ideas for my SRT.

Thanks Greg
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First off I hate buying anything I can't see in person but I searched vendors inside CT and outside CT for months for the look that worked for me and the covers from American Car Craft I thought looked pretty cool with the word HEMI that just pops out at you. So the looks from picture to my car were great. Now as I was installing them I would have made them a little different in some areas but I am not complaining in any way and would purchase again. At the time I purchased my covers they did offer other colors like blue and I think black so I assume they still offer these colors and maybe they added more but not sure since I have not checked in quite awhile so you will have to check. Installation was simple as you have the main covers and you have front side of the main cover that is seperate and the top and side covers are velcro to the stock covers so you have to line them up first before you stick them on so the two peices come together nicely. What I did was I bought a used set of original coil covers off ebay to stick the velcro and the new covers to so if I want I can put my stock covers back on and it's back to original without damaging them trying to pull velcro off. Hope that help.
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