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amplifying stock kicker speakers??

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Hey every one so i got an after market pioneer dash and added a zx400.4 to my stock kickers speakers the 3 speakers that are in the dash (the little ones) distort when i have them to loud.. i asked the guy if he connected the amp to them and he said no just the door and rear speakers.. my question is if i connect the speakers from the dash would it be safe? i asked him to connect them and he said they will blow?
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Are the speakers stock?? What is the rms of the amp you want to run? If the amp is to powerful then there's a chance you will blow the speakers. Running the speakers from your aftermarket head unit... The head unit will act as an amp for the door speakers
im not sure about rms on speakers but they are the factory kicker ones? i couldnt seem to fins any specs on thm on google
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