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Android Torque application

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I just setup the OBDII blue tooth and synched it to my Android phone, installed the Torque application. It works great.

Here's a vid of me using it for the first time, it takes a few seconds to synch up to the OBDII but it starts around 10 seconds in the video.

Click image for video

There are many more gauges that you can add, you can view them in a digital, graph or dial format.

Here is a youtube video that talks more about it
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Nice man, i love that mount!

I'm still playing with the gauges trying to see which ones I need, like, or that will read.

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I'm thinking something more like this, rooted Nook Color:

switching between Torque and the music player

but maybe mounted so that it sits in a cradle at the top part of the stereo, so it's not so low out of view. I never use air or heat in my car, so I don't mind blocking those center vents.
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