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Announcing the “HEMI Heritage Shootout Series”
June 8, 2011

The LX & Beyond Nationals has always been and will continue to be about the Modern Mopar and performance vehicles of the 21st century and celebrating the rebirth of the muscle car era that has been sparked by the innovation and pioneering vision of the designers and engineers at Chrysler Group LLC.

We also recognize and appreciate where the DNA of many of our favorite modern Mopars came from and why the names “Dodge Charger” and “Dodge Challenger” immediately spark thoughts of a famous Hemi Orange car jumping thru the air to avoid being captured by an also famous sheriff, or an Alpine White car racing from Colorado to be delivered to San Francisco.

This year we are adding the “HEMI Heritage Shootout Series” to the racing events of the LX & Beyond Nationals. All 1966-1978 (B-body) first generation Dodge Charger and 1970-1974 (E-platform) first generation Dodge Challenger vehicles, all engines (must be Mopar-powered) and all trim styles are welcome. We look forward to celebrating the beginning and the future of the Mopar muscle car era at Quaker City Motorsports Park on July 16-17, 2011. Race details will be posted later this week on Dodge | Chrysler | Jeep Car Show - LX & Beyond Nationals
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