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Another 2014 Srt8 challenger M6 misfire, but have question about rear bumper

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Hello, I ordered my wife a 2014 challenger srt8 with the six speed. It was delivered in March, and it made it to july 1st before it gave the p2097 code. It was reset and now it is giving the multiple misfire code. It had 2,000 miles as of july 1st. The car is bone stock except for a flowmaster catback that was installed when the car had fifty miles. Her commute is 15 miles one way and it is only driven in good weather. I have a great local dealer and he told me about the star case and that they would call when the new software flash is out.

My question is about the rear bumper cover. It was giving a chirping sound at certain rpms which sounded like it was coming from the driver's rear brake assembly. Long story short, I traced it down to the rear bumper cover is rubbing on the hard plastic. Is there suppose to be something between the bumper cover and support bracket? I put some foam between the two to keep it from rubbing, but hate to rig a $50k car. I didn't know if anyone else had the same issue?