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Any idea ?

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Ok so i have challenger sxt 2011 and it has the standard radio with uconnect.And someone is selling a navigation sirius only 100$ !!! it came from a challenger 2010 the person who sell it said he upgrade it because there no uconnect in it but i want the i was wondering if my standard radio have uconnect can the navigator with no uconnect work ?is there any way to make it work i saw on internet a uconnect kit at 200$... Thanks for help
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The dodge radios that come with the 2008 to 2014 Challengers each have a 3 digit code on the bottom right corner of the front of the radio. What is the code on the radio that you want to install in your car? For example, a RER radio is a navigation radio that was put into a 2010 Challenger, an RBZ radio is a non-nav radio.

I bought an RBZ radio, out a 2010 Challenger and installed it first into our 2011 SE, and now in our 2014 sxt. The RBZ doesn't come with the uconnect module, so I had a dealer install the kit in our 2011. I've heard that some of the different radios come with uconnect and some don't. Find out which radio you want to install in your car.
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