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Anybody Planning on Removing the RAM Hood Emblem, if so, why?

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I myself am kind of on the fence about this. I also know that there are infinitely more important mods then this but i just want to hear some of y'alls reasoning one way or the other. I was just about to replace mine with one of those "mopar 10" ones until they started screwing around with the astrology signs late last year. Being an Aries I was being migrated over to the Pisces camp until I found out that I was in no way effected by the change. Some like the RAM some don't. Heck even Dodge itself has pulled the ram from everything but the pick up trucks so that's a president for its removal if there ever was one. Maybe the shinny head is just out of character(out of place) on our Challengers hoods, so what say you all?
Thanks in advance!
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Hate the truck emblem. My Dodge Challenger is not a Dodge Ram. It is a R/T Classic so I went with the classic pentastar

Much better
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Not a fan of the truck emblem on my car. Not a fan of using the auto parts division logo (Mopar) on my car. Not a fan of using the Chrysler logo on my Dodge. The ONLY emblem I can see putting on it is the FRATZOG. That's what's going on it when I get back.
I considered that as well. I remember the Fratzog being on the door panels of my '72. But when I looked at it I was reminded of a Polara and not a Challenger. I guess to me the Fratzog is 60's. The pentastar was 70's.
Actually, per Allpar: Dodge logos and hood ornaments Dodge used the three-delta, rocket-like Dodge emblem called a FRATZOG (so named by the designer because "it had to be called something.") from 62 to 76 (the muscle car era) and the Pentastar did not get put on Dodge car exteriors until 82, when Iacocca gave the order.

Hence, the FRATZOG is the correct retro hood ornament, if you're trying to go as retro as possible.
Thanks for the info. allpar is incorrect. I know my '72 had the Fratzog but not on the exterior. They also had the pentastar on the outside too. Check the passenger side lower front fender on all V8 cars from Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth in that era. My choice had to do with how the two emblems made me feel. After all it is my car, I can mess up the history and retro if it feels right to me.
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