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Anyone Do the AeroPlate Install?

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Any special tools (other than drill) I need?
Would like to know before I start the jacking/ bottom disassembling process.

Aero-Plate Dodge Challenger "No Drill" License Plate Bracket HHPDCLPB
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Maybe you aren't interested in alternatives, but I did the sliding/folding plate holder which mounts under the spoiler. Can't see a thing when it's retracted and I drive it that way all the time. If I get pulled over, I'll claim I was at a cruise night and forget to pull it back out. And it was only $50. I did a slight mod to allow it to seat flush against the spoiler when in the open position.

Any pictures closed and open and description of how you modded it? Thanks.

These are just iPhone pics - sorry for the poor quality. I mounted it where it wouldn't interfere with air flow to brake ducts or radiator.

On the backside of the plate holder, there are two triangular shaped brace tabs which force the installer to mount the bracket about 3/8" proud of flush or they will strike the spoiler when the plate is open and the plate won't sit completely upright.

I hated the look with the bracket sticking out from the spoiler that far, so I just took a hacksaw and a file and removed those two triangular brace tabs. Then I was able to mount the bracket flush with the spoiler and the plate sits upright and against the spoiler when open.

I'm sure removing those triangular brace tabs reduced the strength of the axle where the plate rotates on the brace. They are there to withstand the torque generated on the plate when open and in the wind. Since I plan to run my plate retracted virtually 100% of the time, I really wasn't too concerned about removing those tabs.

If you plan on running the plate open all the time, then consider the strength reduction involved when removing those brace tabs. I have enclosed an image showing the tabs I removed.


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Thanks, man.. appreciate the details. It certainly is hidden when folded unlike some of the others I have seen. I'm running naked now up front but will consider your mod if I need to. Car looks good, bro.
Thx. Here is what the plate holder looks like unmodded. See how it protrudes about 3/8" proud of flush? Trust me - it looks worse in person than in this pic; it's very obvious. Just removing those two smaller plastic tabs will allow a flush (or even slightly sub-flush) install and it's much less noticeable. And with the back of the plate holder being supported by the thick spoiler, I don't even think strength reduction will be much of an issue in the open position.


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My apologies to 2BLU4U for hi-jacking this thread - it wasn't my intention, but it turned out that way. Peace-out.

If anyone has any AeroPlate data for him, please share it. We can start a different thread for the retractable if anyone needs any other info.
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