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These are the parts I bought and the prices I paid. Some prices are for new, some use. Everything is OEM! The most recent parts are first in the list. I converted to 134a for the AC system to not have to deal with that insane leftist green refrigerant. All that was required were 2 lines (the fittings are different for 134a. All the other parts are the same; even the oil. Better and cheaper for the system. Sorry for some of the the shorthand. Tired to keep each item to one line in my iPhone. I put notes next to some of the parts for clarification. A lot of these parts were necessary because I was converting the interior to the facelift interior. I would recommend that anyone doing this start with a 2015. It would save a TON of money and time. The small dumb things add up. Many parts also needed to be purchased due to inept removal of the used parts. Cut hoses, broken sensors, smashed/bent brackets/coolers. Make sure whoever you get parts from knows how to undo a spring clamp! That could have saved me $500 alone. Also there are many provisions for different modules/wiring on the 2015 and up that need to be accounted for.

AC hse 134a 68245378AE $89 - Coversion to 134a. Can be done to any LX. Just need the right lines.
AC hose 134a 68223576AC $31
AC hose 134a 68245374AA $32
A/C seal 68100676AA 2ea $14.27
A/C seal 68100680AA 1ea $13.80
Power cable 68451102AA free with HDLP harness
2020 HDLMP harness $470
Coolant 68163848AA $17 3ea - Concentrate
Mirror left free - Someone gave a a broken mirror and I swapped the guts over to my 2013 mirrors. Everything is the same except the glass and harness.
Blnd spt mduls 4672783AA free - Came with a bumper from CPAP. 2019 and up use Veoneer modules. 2018 and below use AutoLiv modules.
Red belts L 1SG571R5AI $105
Red belts R 1SG581R5AI $105
Red belts rear $177
Door panel brackets 68183719AC
Door hndl brkt 68184930aa 31aa
Fuel pmp mdule blt 6105098AA $4
PS wiring brkt 5035532AB
Wiring brkt 68378644aa
Brake line clip 6511726AA 2ea $1
Door latches $84 - 2015 and up use a cable to release the latch vs a rod on older models. Otherwise the latches are exactly the same. I previously used a 2018 latch on my car and removed the 18 cable bracket.
Dash clsout Lt 5LA79DX9AB $25
Rad suppt 68174972AF $244 - Its almost the same except for where the impact sensors mount. 15 and up has smaller sensors and the mounting is different here. Modifying is not possible. Also found that the hood latch both holes are 6X1 vs 8X1.25 on the older model. Latch is identical
A-pillar closeout 5LG11DX9AB $18
A-Pillar closeout 5LG12DX9AB $18
Condenser 68272794AA $100
Exhst servo L 68239269AG $90
ABS sensors $10/both
Lwr radiator support A/M $38 - This part is the same, but has different holes in it for the intercooler crossover pipe to mount to. I could have drilled holes in the existing one but the new on was really cheap.
Rt exh srvo free sold exhaust - Bought a complete catback with only one servo. Sold the exhaust for more than I paid for it. Free servo and mid and aft hangers. Hangers are different on the 15 and up cars.
Rear exh hangers free sold exh
Lip support 68260156AC $68
PCV hose 2018 5038837AB $54 I like the clean look of the 2019 airbox, but hate the purge valve they added to the left strut tower. 2018 had a very clean setup so I used this makeup air hose instead
Oil cooler brkt 68205006AE $79.13
Oil cooler nuts 6104716AA $2 3ea
Oil cooler bolt 6506733AA $1 2ea
Oil cooler nut 6501260 $1.57 2ea
Exhst hngrs mid 68227313ac free A member of this forum paid it forward and sent me the mid exhaust hangers for free. They're over $75/ea at cost.
Door impact sensors $35/both - design change.
Horns $25 - have 2 wires 15 and up.
I/C Hose 5181872AC $23.84
I/C Hose 5181873AC $23.14
I/C Hose 68245238AB $16.24
Roof airbags $100
P/S delete pulley 68459077AA $29 - 15-18 Hellcat = hydraulic power steering. 19 = electronic power steering. I believe this is where the 10HP comes from.
I/C Bracket 68232260AC $28
PS delete brkt 4593918AA $30
Fuel filler neck $70 - bent the shit out of this pipe when dropping the tank. Make sure the nut in the wheel well is removed before dropping the tank. Then pipe is thin aluminum.
Radiator side sls 68233014AA 15AA
Oil filter 5038041aa - SRT viper unit.
PDC brkt 68244160AD $25.46 - TIPM bracket is replaced with just a fuse box and the bracket is different.
Balancer bolt 6512335AA $22.92 - Pin it or you'll spin it! Used the revised balancer bolt.
Bumper Reinforcement frt AM $115 Only replaced this because the holes were not drilled for the ACC sensor. If I wasn't adding ACC i could have kept it.
I/C bottle nut 6510663AA $1.10 2ea
Sway bush 68236984AA $26.11/ea - Decided to replace them because they wear so fast.
Wpr cwl sls r&l 55399149AA $9/ea
Cat gskt 68164708AA $7.37/ea 2
Rain sense clip 56046617AA $5.45
Hum sense cvr 1SU12DX9AA $9.63
Lower grill u-nut 68051431AA 4ea
Lower grill screw 68051432AA 4ea 68083381aa gear oil $39.55
fric mod 4318060Ad $5.74 - Differential fluid change. They say adding a bottle of the modifier helf with potential whine.
Sspnsn nuts 6511905aa $2.20 4ea - Replaced all nuts on disturbed suspension components.
Subwoofer bolt 6510265AA $2
Sub foam pins 6508563AA $4 2ea
Sub foam insert 68088818AA $33
Sub rivnut 6504710 $5
Sub bolt 6104368AA $3
Sub nut 52059160AC $6
Foam pkg shelf block 68249629AA
ADCM screw 6105037AA $1 3ea
ADCM nut 6101308 $2.31 3ea
Engn mt bolt 6104416AA $4.62 4ea
Cold air pnl 68237952AA 34.05 - This closeout is unique to the SRT/Hellcat
68249371AB d/s to trans $9.05 3ea
68249370AB d/s to diff $9.05 4ea
Hood rls 68242432AA $19.50 - Hood release interior lever. Cable is the same.
AD snsr blt 6102141AA $3.79/ea 2 - Active damping
Seat track finishers $4/ea qty 5
Upper c-arm nuts 2ea $.70/ea
AD snsr nut 6104725AA $2.04 2ea - Active damping
Tie rod nut 6511905aa $2.20 2ea
Lip closeout rt 68259514AC $16
Lip closeout lt 68259515AC $16
Susp snsr fnt 56029456AA $67/ea - Active damping
Hellcat grl suppt 68258751ab $217
Dash clsout Rt 5LA80DX9AB $27
Intk tube 68322216AA inc w box - Came free with the 2019 airbox
Airbox Demon 5038819AE $270
Arbx duct dmon 5038829AB free - 2015-2016 had a MAP/IAT sensor in the intake boot. 2017 and up removed this sensor in favor of an IAT only. Boot is totally different for this airbox.
Brake pdl sensor 56038969aa $18
Dash sound pad 68166411AG $283 - Sound deadener between the dashboard and firewall. Pretty different, but could have made do with the original.
Trans tnl cvr 68232265ab $31 - Eliminates studs for shifter.
steering shaft 68242416aa $free - Came free with some parts I got. Something is different about the steering shaft. Not sure what.
A pillar trim $46
Center console rear bracket $18
Sway bar 68235661AC $115
Hllct steer rack 68416734AB $600 - This is a big one. If wanting EPS you need this. Hellcat has the Competition steering option. What does that mean? No clue, but the rack is unique to the Hellcat and Redeye. The Scat and SRT have a similar rack and selectable steering feel, but the part number ends in 33AB. Took me eight months to find this rack. Still the only one I have seen available. The Demon and 18WB used an electric rack but it had a different part number. That PN did supersede to the 34AB I believe.
Fuel pump caps with holes $28
LTE antenna cbl 68303356AB $13
LTE module 68293977AA $21
Serp Belt 5038718AA $23
Black fuel door $49
Actv exh hrnss 19 5035581aa $42
Catback 2019 Scat $200
Fuel pump module $0
Sspnsn snsr rear 5035 in 100AC $0
Hlct upper grl 6NT89RXFAA $66
Hlct hdlp trim rt 68259054AB $29
Hlct hdlp trim lt 68259055AB $29
Hlct grl duct lt 68259763AB $12
Hlct grl duct rt 68259762AB $12
Hellcat fascia 68258731ac $100
Hellcat lip 68258747ac $40
Cruise switch 68321898AA $58 - To add ACC
Lwr rad hose 5181877ah $50
Oil cooler hose 5181869ad $46
Brk tbe bndl 2 68190130ab $39
Ground strap 68060322AG $33
Uppr rad hose 5181878ad $33
Coolant tank 68237637ab $65.
Fuel sply hose 2 5181962ad $37
Hlct lwr grl ACC 68424897ab $43
Ful pmp oring 55366298AA $24ea
IC pump sply hose 5181874ac $25
IC htr hose assy 68230027ag $54
Fuel tank 2018 $260 - This part supersedes many times. It changed in 2017. No clue why. Maybe different material or coating or supplier. No idea, Got it cheap enough. I found that there is no discernible difference though between tanks.
Steering column $175 wanted power tilt column.
Brk tbe bndl 68190129ad $138 - All the front brake lines needed to be replaced. No because they're bigger in diameter for the BR4/BR7 brakes, but because the bends at the ABS modulator are different. A couple lines are moved around on where the screw into the modulator. Lines are identical otherwise.
AC tube 68158886AD $28
IC hard line hoses 5181871ae $87
IC hard tube line 5181964ab $69
Main pump float 68258754AA $59 - Got a pump from the forums and the float was missing. Replaced it.
IC btl bracket 5181983ab $18
Shark fin antenna $67 - 13 satellite antenna is not compatible. Sat and GPS both contained in shark fin. Base of antenna needs to be modified to fit roof cutout.
Heater rtn hose 68237767ac $34
Heater suply hose 55038134af $44
Trans prk cbl 4670707AA $36
IC temp sensor 5149077ab $27
Fuel sply hose 68200552ad $0.00
Fuel pump main 68258753af $120
Fuel pump rtn 68258756ad $125
Brk Tube LR 68259667AC $32
Brk Tube RR 68259666AC $72
Fuel tube 68259686aa $82
Fuel tube 2 68259687ab $64
Cats LA or LD 15+ 6.4/6.2/ESJ $150
Brake pedal assembly $39 - Brake pedal sensor is different 15 and up.
PCM $209 - bought this originally thinking I was going to go the unlocked and tune route. Ended up buying new part and programming with 2019 calid
Front struts $450
Hellcat absorber 68222853ac
Hellcat support 68233032ad
ACC sensor 19 $350
Dash and console w/ICS $800 - Ended up buying 2019 ICS. Some buttons vary 15-16 and 17-20 on the ICS.
Seats red alcanterra $1102 - 2016 seats. 15-16 harness is same 17-20 harness is same. Seat harness must match body harness year or you wlll have to swap all the pins on the seat connectors.
Inner quarter panel trim L&R $178 - The 2013 quarter panel trim is identical, but mine didn't have Harmon sound. Needed the speakers. If I went Alpine could have kept my quarters.
Rear view mirror w/AHB $45 - 15-16 the uConnect microphones are on the mirror. 17 and up place them on the headliner. The mirror harness is then different based on the year you're working with. I didnt want to replace my headliner si I went with the 15-16 mirror. This required some pin and connector housing changes for the mirror and dash harnesses.
Whl, bag and SCCM 18 $400 - I wanted the illuminated airbag so I bought this set. Non illuminated would have been cheaper.
Subwoofer $125
Humidity sensor $29
PTS module $25 - Backup sensor module
Rear bumper harness $29
TPS module $24
Overhead console $41 - Although the overhead consoles are identical, the UGDO module is not. Changed connector housing on existing headliner harness for new UGDO module.
IBS $11 - Battery sensor
Heater box $75 - Only difference is blower motor resistor. Identical otherwise.
Door speakers $41
Door harnesses and modules $131
2018 body harness $350
Headlights $660 - These were 2016 models. Have 2019 illuminated aircatcher units now.
Rear bumper w/cross sensors $279
ABS, BCM, ADM & RFhub $240 - Got these as 2017 VIN matched units so I could do some testing before I installed the complete package. Was going to keep them but wanted many 2019 upgrades. Ended up buying all new modules.
Rr susp, diff brks & drvshft $1400 - Complete 20178 rear dropout.
Front brakes $1100 - Rotors and calipers.
Front spindles $300

These are the modules I bought and am currently using:

19 ICS 68293611AD $120 - Used
19 BCM 68396561AC $184
19 RFH 68394158AC $99
19 ABS 68399772AB $160
19 PCM 68377858AB $408
19 ACC 68429538AA $350 - Used. 2019 sensor is a unique part number.
19 ORC 68367992AA $195
19 AMP 68429460AB $320 - Didn't buy. P/N superseded for 2019, but old HK amp is working normally.
19 ADCM 5035542AA $159 - Used
  • 19 Cluster 68412339AD $350 - Used. No clue what the difference was between the 2017 cluster I had except the PN. Got it anyway.

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Dropping the rear end and fuel tank. A simple floor jack and a block of wood were all that was needed. Perfect balance! The fuel tanks appeared to be identical but there may have been some subtle differences I'm not aware of. The vapor recovery system and hoses are identical though. Installed pressure side pump and return side module. Bought a Chinese tool off eBay to open and close the lock rings. Do not even bother trying to do these lock rings without the special tool. You'll totally f-up the rings.


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That's a lot of work. My hat goes off to you. I have a question for a trans upgrade I am doing in the near future. Do you have the schematics or know where I could find the schematics for the 2013 which mine is a RT though but they might still be the same but I am looking for the HDLP DASH connector diagram for the 2016 Hellcat versus the 2013 RT because I am trying to find the pin for the ignition coil power. I think its Pin 2-F343 on the HDLP connector side for the Hellcats but I need to know the diagram for the 2013 Challenger RT and if you know where I can find it on the internet or if you would have it that would be very helpful thanks. You can message me or whatever but I really could use the info.

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Engine and trans coming out here. Took 3.5h (front bumper was already off though) with basic hand tools in my driveway. Talk about shadetree mechanics. Very hillbilly for sure. I used a Harley motorcycle jack and some boat blocking to pull the engine forward. View attachment 986872
Separating drivetrain from k-member.
View attachment 986873
Hey man, I’m not certain but I think you may have voided your warranty. ?

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That's a lot of work. My hat goes off to you. I have a question for a trans upgrade I am doing in the near future. Do you have the schematics or know where I could find the schematics for the 2013 which mine is a RT though but they might still be the same but I am looking for the HDLP DASH connector diagram for the 2016 Hellcat versus the 2013 RT because I am trying to find the pin for the ignition coil power. I think its Pin 2-F343 on the HDLP connector side for the Hellcats but I need to know the diagram for the 2013 Challenger RT and if you know where I can find it on the internet or if you would have it that would be very helpful thanks. You can message me or whatever but I really could use the info.
This is what I always use. The best place for that hands down:


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Doing some programming of modules and keys six months before interior install.


It is such a beautiful dash. I will be looking out for the 2020 stitched leather dash though.


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Sure must be nice to have the witech interface and account to get the modules programmed. But since you are swapping everything is it needed? (ah, I see you bought the components rather than part them out from donor HC)

That big kid sure can make a mess. :p

BTW hope the steering wheel was locked, clocksprings don't like to be over spun.

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I wanted to ask how you "Changed the TIPM config ", do you have access to the witech interface? Or are you doing it some other way?

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I wanted to ask how you "Changed the TIPM config ", do you have access to the witech interface? Or are you doing it some other way?
For simple TIPM/BCM mods I use AutoEnginuity or Alfa OBD. For the programming I used a Controller Technologies Pulsar cable with wiTech Aftermarket.

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Setting up the 2018 tank with the hellcat pump and return. All the vapor recovery lines are the same from the 2013. The only difference was the the pressure line (its bigger, but goes in the same location).

Cleaned k-frame ready for the engine:

The HVAC boxes are nearly identical except for the blower motor resistor. Even the harnesses are almost the same. I probably could have swapped the connector on the existing blower motor and used the box, but I got the box for pretty cheap. The first one I received was damaged in transit. The second one was also damaged. Here I am making one out of two. Many moving parts to say the least.


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Here is a shot of the fuel/brake/purge lines. All lines, separators and clips have to be ordered individually. The only difference in the brake lines are their connections at the modulator. 95% of the length of the lines are identical. I had assumed that the lines would be a different diameter but no. The purge line was the same but I ordered it because I was making the whole bundle new anyway. The fuel line is much larger. All the separators are different because of the larger fuel line.

Complete rear end going in.


And the main event:


I used a come-along to pull it into the car. All k-frames are the same. I think I even saw that they're the same for all LX cars. Not 100% sure about that one though. At this point I had already put in the Hellcat ABS modulator (I already installed the 2019 HCU on the modulator. There is some difference in the 2019 HCU. Not sure what, but it was cheap enough to not have to find out it wasn'o compatible down the line), crossover brake lines and master cylinder/booster. The original headlamp-dash harness is still installed. If I had had the harness it would have made my life a million times easier to install it before the engine. Washer bottle is the same as is the washer pump. The level sensor is different but is only $3 and is easily replaced.

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All slid in:

Gutted interior. Windshield had already been replaced with a 2016 Challenger part that had provisions for humidity sensor and rain sensors as well as the AHB camera. The new style roof airbags are already installed here. Mirror is 2015-2016. In 2017 the uConnect microphones went into the headliner. I didn't want to change out the headliner so I adapted the 2013 mirror harness. The plug at the UGDO/compass module needs to be changed and the pins at the a-pillar connector need to be changed around.


New sound deadener mat installed as well as HVAC box. New mat has stand offs for BCM mounting. Holes and rivnuts still needed to be installed in the kick panel area. Transmission tunnel cover has been replaced. New holes drilled and tapped for airbag module. I used the transmission tunnel sound deadener to determine alignment for the module. It fits very snugly here.

Old harness coming out while routing 2018 body harness. I was able to source all the fir tree zip ties for the harness from the OEM supplier and replaced them so the harness installed perfectly. Not easy to get small quantities from Hellerman Tyton. There were a few new holes that has to be drilled to secure the harness to the body, but 97% were existing. The Body harnesses are pretty much all the same except in 2017 the seat harness wiring was all changed. The wires and connectors are the same but pin locations changed.


Difference in trans tunnel covers:


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Shot of the new mounting location with the bolts for the ORC module. Used the 2013 Hardware and one original mounting hole. Two holes needed to be located, drilled and tapped.



Here is the installation of the rear console bracket. I took careful measurements from a friends Challenger for placement. I used some nice flush rivnuts. There is very little meat for the right one as can be see but enough to make a strong connection.




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Here is my solution for mounting the BCM. The 15 and up challengers have three studs to mount the BCM at the kick panel. I used rivnuts and the bolts from the 2013 c-pillar impact sensors. Door harnesses are already installed here too.


Here you can also see the climate control module. Its unique to the 2019. Earlier modules cause the desired temperature display to read totally weird.

Roof airbags essentially mount in the same location but the mounting bolt and u-nut need to be clocked 90 degrees. Here the new hole is drilled. Original hardware was used. To fit the new airbags properly in the headliner the blue foam spacer blocks needed to be removed. This allows the headliner to fit snugly to the airbag.




Installed flush rivnuts and made locating holes for the front end of the airbag at the a-pillar.



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Some interior installation. 2018 SCCM is installed for the red lighted airbag. 2013 door panels are not even close to lining up with the dash.


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So how does the VIN work for this? Does the PCM and all the other associated modules show a different VIN than what is on the dash?

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I'm overly impressed with the ingenuity and effort! Thanks for sharing this, its great.
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