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so I'm looking at picking up a set of drag radials and making a few passes at the local track for shits and giggles, there is a 1/8th close and a 1/4 about a hour and a half away so the tires must be streetable.

I'm guessing that stepping up from a 305 to a 325 is easily doable in the rear but could i go wider? i will be driving the car to the track so i don't want any issues by going too wide and having rubbing or fender/flair damage.

so what are you guys running on your widebody's and is it much of a improvement over the optional summer p-zero Pirelli's? or should i just get a set of them in 325's?

going to stick with a set of factory devil's 20" rims i should have shortly, thinking of getting a slimmer set of fronts and a wider set of rears just for the track
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