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one of the first upgrades i performed was swapping out the base radio for the OEM mygig NAV (RER unit)- everything was plug and play which was nice. i added a backup camera (via license plate frame) with lockpick, and also a standalone microphone for voice commands and bluetooth calling. it also has integrated autodimming. its worked great (w/ usb and 30gig hdd) and was reasonably priced on ebay. though i think theyre using new units in the 2011+ cars

re: the speakers, i swapped out the paper cones as well (they were horrible). i ended up going with the kicker upgrade speakers. While there was noticeably better sound, i'd recommend an amp and sub for some high performance audio. i do remember the door panels being a pain in the ass to remove

theres some great threads around here with all of the part numbers and instructions
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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