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Anyone wrap their entire car with vinyl?

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So I got rear ended this past weekend (4th of july weekend) and now my rear bumper needs to be replaced. Im assuming they don't come painted and Im pretty sure the paint is gonna look off compared to the rest of the car. Ive heard horror stories of shops not being able to match the paint (Hemi Orange) and I really don't wanna deal with having to return to the shop to have things touched up or repainted, etc etc.

You guys might say that any reputable shop should be able to do the work but to be honest with you I don't wanna take the gamble and would rather save myself the headache. Im the type of person that washes his own car because I am very ocd about it, much less paint. I have to live with the car and don't wanna see two shades of HO everyday.

Im considering wrapping the whole car, maybe a matte black or Frozen Grey (BMW type color) to avoid the whole paint matching. Ive been thinking about doing this for quite some time and figured now would be the best time.

I would just have the other persons insurance cut me a check and then I order the parts and have the car wrapped with the extra money and Im sure I'll have to put some money down on my part, but at least it'll be a bit cheaper.

For those of you who have done it, how much? hows the vinyl and color holding up? any other details you could share would be great.

Thanks fellas
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I can tell you from experience that shops can usually match paint unless it's old and faded or oxidized. I hit a dear earlier this year and had the same thoughts but you would never know. I wouldn't just put the bandaid over it because down the road you might regret it.I will say I love vinyl though. I have a buddy who does all mine and I can tell you that you might not get enough from insurance to do the job right. Also remember under the hood and jambs will still be orange. Wrapping those is super expensive

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A quality wrap job on a large vehicle like the Challenger will cost at least $3K

You're better off finding a reputable shop and having them match the paint IMO

Nick C.
imo i will rather have a reputable shop fix it, they can match it almost 100%, if they just painted and put it on most of the cases it will mismatch, but they are trying to cut corners i guess, they have to blend it in to both rear quarter panels, i know more work and more money, but do it right the first time..
Thanks for the replies fellas. Decisions decisions
I have replaced my front bumper and nobody but me can tell it. I have also partially wrapped my car. Hood, roof, trunk, and spoiler. You can see the photo in my signature. I would definitely get it painted at a body shop. I did the install myself, just had the body shop paint the new bumper. I did the wrap myself and hand cut the red stripe. Good luck.

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A place in my town does full car wraps everyday.. I have always been tempted to try it out, but it's very expensive. Plasti dip is also intriguing but worried about maintaining it..
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