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Have a ‘19 V6 and curious if the mid mufflers are wide open pass through mufflers?

Was thinking of perhaps swapping them out for magnaflows 10415’s but they seem very similar but don’t know the internals of the stock mufflers and if the mags would do anything for sound.

I know a full catback is probably the better way to go but just looking for a little more external sound as I like the cabin sound I’m getting from my CAI.

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im not sure about stock mufflers’ internal design, but i know i personally disliked their effect on the 3.6L’s exhaust tone when i had my 2011 SE.

i cant speak to the Magnaflows you mentioned, but surely there’s some youtube vids with sound recordings of the setup in question.

thats the only way to be sure you’re going to like any specific muffler brand/design - hear it on someone else’s car and judge for yourself. Recommendations and reviews from others are of limited value in choosing exhaust upgrades IMHO, as each person’s idea of ‘good’ or ‘pleasing’ is so subjective.

In my case, with my 2011, I went the route of replacing the true duals on both sides with a si/do JFB muffler and straight pipes all the way back after that (no resos). I loved the improvement on the exhaust sound and recommend it every chance i get.

youll find something you like eventually, but it may take wading thru a lot of rejected candidates first before you get there (by listening to examples on YT and deciding for yourself each one).
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