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Here is the plate on one of my friends "ex" Range Rover. It had so many super expensive repairs he couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

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Yeah, that'd be my move too. Luckily some of us are aware BEFORE buying.

As reasonable as your friend is though........ there are a lot of Range Rover buyers who just don't care.

They love the car and put up with it. They seem to love their status symbol.

Clearly though.......not a car to own outside of a warranty and since most of the real loyalists are probably motivated by the "Upscale image".......a 10 year old range rover, well out of warranty, has no chance of a place in their garage anyway. Not a lot of "look at me and how well I'm doing" left in a 10 year old SUV regardless of it's name plate.

........and really........for they guy or gal DUMB ENOUGH to play this game yet unable to easily afford the "brand new" price tag older Range Rover purchase should quickly help them learn the foolishness of their view of the world and cars in general, PDQ.
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