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Arrington Magnuson SC Ready CAI

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Inspired by Speedy's CAI addition to his Arrington/Maggie I did this on my Charger but its the same kit for the Challenger.

Installed this yesterday. The heat sheild is a bit of a rough fit - I may pull it and rework it a bit. The edges are a little sharp but its aluminum so I may roll them a bit since under torque they touch the coolant tank and one of my SC intercooler lines.

Anyway looks cool - sounds great. I'll have to get it on the dyno to see a) any HP/torque gains and b) changes in the AFR - may have to add fuel.

(A bit blurry)

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AFR numbers went dangerous! I took it up to Stack Performance in Orange County, CA for a tune a few days later and they said the numbers were in the 15s, up from 11/12 with the Magnuson tune. So that CAI is pulling a ton of air. The air restriction is magnified with the SC. My Stack Performance tune sits in the 11s - nice and safe. I ultimately swapped out this CAI for Roto-Fabs new unit which is also designed for the Magnuson SC. The rotofab air-box is far superior to the Arrington aluminum 'sheild'. BTW my Arrington CAI is for sale if your interested. PM me. In then end my Charger is putting out 451 RWHP - up 50 from the Magnuson install and tune (but on a different dyno so...). It can be attributed easily to different dynos or the CAI and Stack tune.

My roto-fab:
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