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2010 Challenger 6M- Brilliant Black, 426 stroker, Hellcat rear cradle, ZF 3.90 diff, DSS 1 piece
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I am starting to piece together a set of wheels and tires for the 1/4 mile and would like to verify what fits regarding using 28x11.5 tires 17" wheels for the rear.
I am considering going with a set of 17" Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. 28x11.50s for the rear on a set of 17x10 JMS Chip Savage Series Polished Wheels S1710626DP with 6.2" backspacing, +20mm offset.
I am considering the Hoosier DOT approved tires so I can swap at the garage and drive to the track, approximately 20 miles away. I don't think I'll have an issue running the skinnys on the front regarding law enforcement.
I am not sure what offset I need for the rear, what worked in the past was a set of E/T slicks on take off 17" 2005 mustang cobra wheels.
Any help / advice is appreciated.
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