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my car is a 2010 r/t 5 spd auto 32400 mi on it
This is the story. Me and my wife decided to go on a trip after for our 1st year anniversary up to the northern end of Arizona, we live in southern New mexico. So i figured hey we will take the Challenger its about a 1000 mi round trip but should do it with out a problem. So i did all the normal maintenance on it and went on our way. We made it up and were driving around for two days. The 3rd day we go to leave the Hotel and i start to take off and it wont shift out of 1st. I stop shut it off then start it back up again and then the check engine light comes on. I shift it into drive and it shifts real hard like it has a shift kit or something. Well same story it still wont go out of first. so i end up having to get it towed to the closest dealer in flag staff which is 20 mi away. once there they tell me they cant even get it looked at till the next day and it wont even be put on a lift to get it fixed till next week. The dealer told me it was a Shift pressure solenoid that went out.... Has anybody else had this problem or heard of it? its only got 32400 mi on it!
Thank God that my wife works for Enterprise so we were able to get a rental at a good price to get home. Now ill have to go back up 500 mi to get it next week when its done.
any input on this would be great!
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