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Dodge Challenger makes unexpected pit stop in Golden State

Autoblog - Posted May 14th 2006 12:07PM by Joel Arellano
Filed under: Concept Cars, Coupes, Sports/GTs, Dodge

Either Dodge is prepping to officially announce production of the Challengerconcept, or the brand's feeling dissed for not receiving 300 e-mails daily like rival Chevrolet for its Camaro concept. Whatever the reason, the retro-muscle car rumbled largely unannounced into SoCal last week, sending enthusiasts into a frenzy. Autoblog reader John and members of Challenger Talk snagged several pics at various spots in Orange County, while reader emulous1974 snared a surprising number of night shots (above) before his camera battery died. Thanks for the top-notch work, guys!

John's pics

Emulous pics

UPDATE: 'Emulous pics' were actually taken by Z63R. Both are members of the forum.

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Those headlights are bad ass. Just seeing the car out in the real world, and not up on a rotating pedastal makes it that much hotter. And those are some fine snaps, too - real clear.


Almost doesn't make sense for them to be out cruising with it if they're not going to make it. But, then again, they may just be trying to drum up more press and get enough interest/buzz so they have the support TO make it.

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