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well i spend most of the morning wire up a 2.5 mm jack plug to my autometer a/f guage that goes to the trinity as i want to help a.j. with my tuning on my car.

just a quick note.. if anyone out there has a autometer a/f guage and wants to do this. the settings for the trinity need to be 10.1 ( low ) and 17.4 ( high ) because it is a 0 - 4 volt system and not a 0 - 5 volt

i used this plug on this site

took a bit but got it done.. hopefully this will help anyone that has a autometer guage and wants to do a/f data logging on a trinity.

OH by the way.. any suggestions on what to do with the plug when you arn't using it? i was thinkin coil it up and use some velcro to hold it up under the dash.. any other ideas.

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