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See videos in the quote below. Details are in the quote also.

After what seemed like an endless string of delays, the long-awaited reunion with my Jeep finally took place yesterday! :D As soon as I started it and looked over the quality of the work, I knew it was well worth the wait. PWR's Brad King even went out of his way to trailer the Jeep up to Maryland. All I can say to anyone looking for a shop to treat your vehicle in a professional manner, the PWR East folks in Ashland are second to none.
First impression of the 426 was much more impressive than I had anticipated. It would be impossible to accurately describe how it feels - you really have to drive one to see for yourself. (and those who have one know exactly what I'm talking about!) Despite the huge cam, driveability feels just like stock... until you punch it. At WOT, the launch isn't quite as violent as the Vortech was, but it actually feels faster... if that makes any sense. 120 mph comes at you AWFUL quick! :eek:
Some quick details on the build:
- PWR 426 HEMI, 11:1 compression
- PWR f-R2 cam (the first to be installed in a Jeep) New Lineup of f-R series camshafts! - Cherokee SRT8 Forum
- PWR 100mm throttle body
- PWR Mean Street heads
- UPGRADED Paramount Dominator converter – this piece is NASTY! :D
I also added a rear differential cover from PML, and had some interior trim pieces coated in carbon fiber from a place called Classic TrimWTP. They use a process called 3D water immersion technology, and they are the real deal!
If I remember Brad correctly, she hit just over 500hp/500TQ on a 2-wheel drive dyno. But like I mentioned earlier, my trusty butt dyno tells me she's quicker than when I had the Vortech. The true test will be at the track, though. I've posted a few initial photos/videos, but they do not do this build justice. Brad documented the build as well, and I'll post additional media once he emails me any further details.
I want to say thanks to both Brad King and Brad Tunstall from PWR East, Andy for all his advice, [email protected] for the gaskets, and a HUGE thanks to BuilderBill for the converter. 2011 is going to be a great year!

Cold startup at morning:
YouTube - 426 HEMI Cold Start
Under the hood:
YouTube - 426 HEMI
Interior trim pieces:
YouTube - New Interior Bling
Warm startup:
YouTube - 426 HEMI StartUp
Quick WOT run #1:
YouTube - WOT Run 01
Quick WOT run #2:
YouTube - WOT Run 02

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Wow. That was one vehicle I was seriously considering had I not gotten the Challenger.
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