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Where can i get matching B5 Blue vinyl adhesive? I can find a million sites with Blue, but want a good match. Anyone successful t this? Thanks

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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) See first review

Looking for B5 blue for a Dodge? This is it!!!
February 21, 2018
Size: 5ft x 2ft (10 Sq/ft)Verified Purchase
Do you own or are you working on a Dodge Charger or Challenger and need wrap to match B5 blue also known as surf blue metallic? This is it!
Great product! Went on the car very easy and was simple getting the small air bubbles out from under the product. My greatest accolade for this product is it is a perfect match for my 2015 Charger in B5 blue! Simply perfect!

Is the current B5 metallic?

Avery SW900 Supreme Wrapping Vinyl Film Gloss Bright Blue Metallic

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