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Back of seat lighting

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For those who are still looking for a way to change the LED on the back of the seats to match what they have done in the rest of the interior I found something that works and is very easy to do. A company called United Pacific makes a LED indicator light that fits very nicely, there may be others companies that make something similar. The part number I used was 39319B bright white but they have a couple of colors, Kenworth and Peterbuilt dealers carry this brand that is where I got mine. The website is go to page 98 and you can see what they look like.

1 To install them remove the light assy. from the plastic rear seat cover (4 prongs)

2 Take the 2 covers off the back of the light assy. (4 tabs on each) holding the LED's in place and remove the LED's and the wires from the black plastic housing

3 Remove the clear lens front the front of the housing (3 tabs)

4 Take the empty light housing cut off the 2 half moon raised edges from the top side on the outside edges (under where the lens was) and drill both light holes out to 1/4". Be very careful with this part as you can damage the hosing easily

Before going any further take a 9 volt battery and check the new LED's and make sure they work.

5 Take the new LED light and remove the lock nut and pop the colored lens off. Feed the wire thought the plastic housing and push the light into the housing. After installing the 2nd light you can put the lens back on, it is a tight fit (I covered the lens with a towel and popped it on with a pliers).

6 There will be a bit of the new light sticking out the back. Very carefully bend the wire over at the end of the light metal housing and lay the wires in the channel of the housing. Take the black strips you remove earlier and cut them off just above the 2 upper tabs and snap them into place.

At this point you should end up with an assy. that looks very similar to what you started with. Again take the 9 volt battery and make sure the lights all work. Cut the old LED's off the factor harness and wire them on to it, white from the new LED to black on the harness, black from the led to the colored (mine was yellow). Most LED's are ground specific so if they don't work just switch the wires.

Hope this helps
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