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2011 CHallenger SRT
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I called Arrington/Shop hemi and requested a quote and was told yup no problem get that out to you later today... 2 days later called back asking where is the quote was told just waiting for availability on a cam, give it another couple of days call back, nope never heard anything about that..... Start again.... :disgust:

Got things straightened away or so I thought, bought a crate engine and had it shipped to Arrington to be rebuilt with forged internals and a supercharger added. All in a $16,600 job complete over and above the price of the crate engine.

I have been dealing with Alex and communication has been less than stellar. I have sent emails on more than one occasion and not gotten a reply for 3 business days, despite repeated prompts and eventually a phone call to Chris Gardner to get things moving. There is an issue with the clutch being a week plus late from the supplier. I was initally told the engine would ship Feb. 8, then the clutch didn't show up today, we'll get it out Monday, Monday turned into Tuesday and I sent yet another email and followed it up with first a call to Alex then a call to Chris Gardner well finally I get a call back on Tuesday after starting Thursday... Ask for an update on the clutch and a tracking number.... We will get an answer for you tomorrow, that took aggressive prompting to get a response Wednesday afternoon. The response was the clutch will ship Friday and we'll use 3 day UPS and install and ship it the same day it comes in. Over night would have been a better show of good will, but this just smacks of arrogance and distain for customers.
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