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Hi !
My 2010 Challenger has a bad vibration beginning at 145 km/hr (80 m/hr ) nothing if
slower. It is like the front wheel (driver side )
going to detatch if push at higher speed

This car has only 15k and driven on sundays in summer time if you know what i mean (bought it new )

Went to installed 4 new tires and balanced :
vibration still there
Went to Dodge dealer for alignment and
ball joint check up + new wheel balancement : on my way back pushed it
to 145 km/hr .... same vibration if not a little
bit more ! (dealer will not test drive at 145 km/hr )

If someone has an idea on what could
do that kind of severe vib it will be greatly
appreciated !


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Any of the wheels taken a hit recently? One may be out of round slightly that would only manifest itself at higher speed. After they mounted and balanced tires, is it still the front left vibrating? Maybe you could switch the two front wheels and see if the vibrations transfer from one side to the other?

Maybe a warped rotor? Bad wheel bearing? Brakes apply evenly with no pulsation or vibration?

There was a thread a while back where someone was having similar issues. I think (but not sure) it was a flawed or lightly damaged wheel. Whatever it is, please let everyone following know what you find out? Good luck.
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