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2012 Yellow Jacket SRT8
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Good evening gearheads,

I know this topic is beat to death, however there are so many links/ topics for replacement pads these days, thought id ask some users of the power stop brand.
Easy stats '12 Yellow Jacket SRT8 engine bay mostly stock, just cammed CAI. so when she comes out of winter storage its time for new pads.

Driver type: Mainly street driving, Spirited when in the mood, occasionaly hit the track just to go by a camaro or two. brake dust no biggie, it comes with the territory , less dust great but not important. The Only thing id care about is Not having Squeaker mouse pads, other than the low speed roll squeaks ya Know? lol main reason is vs spending $300ish on bembo's be nice to save a few bucks without sacrificing a performance stop loss, have other projects in the works for her this spring.

I used to have Baer sport touring on my old charger and Trans am Loved em no complaints ever. cost all the way around $195. I see the powerstop's hitting $110 mark Not looking for cheap , Just wondering i see alotta people stating powerstop's etc
the Chally still rocking the stock pads, brembo's etc. Was curious as to input from members take on it. Any suggestions or comments are welcome
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