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Hey Guys it’s been a while.
Hope everyone is well!

I need some help as I’ve looked all over the internet and these forms but can seem to find the answer I’m looking for.

I have some harsh noise and vibration coming from my front passenger side. I’ve pin pointed the problem down to it being the hub bearing, outer and or inner Tie Rod. Since I’m in Japan and don’t have the luxury to change one part at a time, I’ve decided to just change all three parts. And while checking I noticed my lower reward ball joint (on the knuckle) on both driver and passenger sides are leaking therefor need to change them too.

So my dilema is finding the correct ball joint press tool kit as well as the correct inner Tie Rod Tool kit which would have the correct sizes I need to do the job. None that I’ve found seem to have any information if they’ll work on my car.

2010 Dodge Challenger SE

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don’t want to purchase and import something I can’t use.

Thank you in advance

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