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If you have an earlier model Challenger that does not have different driving modes that adjust the sensitivity of the throttle pedal, you need one of these!

I just installed one on my 2009 R/T M6. I was always on the fence about buying one of these or just having the throttle pedal tuned when I end up dyno tuning it. Glad I went with this option. Easy install, super easy to use phone app, absolutely insane difference. I would very much recommend this modification to anyone who wishes to get better throttle response. An absolute MUST if you're thinking about taking it to the track.

Follow manufacturer recommendations for install, which isn't much. Easily hidden above the footliner under the dash, minor cable routing. Difference between stock and even sport mode was instantaneously noticeable. Much more power much earlier in the throttle. WAY easier to break the tires loose. With the added benefit of reverting to stock if you're going to be letting someone else drive it (as if) or the weather gets a little less than desirable and more moderate power application is desired.

I am more than satisfied with this mod. (y)
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