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I was getting tired of 1-2 and 2-3 nibbling when I shifted so sprang for a new Barton Shifter and a Speed Dawg knob.

Initial impressions:
- This thing is built like the proverbial brick shift-house.
- Super precise and positive feel
- Looks great (too bad 95% of it is under the boot)
- Speed Dawg has some great looking handles.

I am not a natural grease monkey, although I'm a whiz at percussive maintenance and can make my way around things that need doing when I have to. The install was both easier and harder than I expected.

I watched and made notes on Barton's official install video on YouTube (at least I think it's the official one)
Most of the other videos I saw were on new model years and the console is different.

Couple of points about the install.
- When you take the console out, I missed the part where the bottom half of the console stays while you split it in two like a clam-shell and remove the top half of the console. I frittered, farted, pulled, and cursed till I broke the clips at the front. THEN realized that it was two pieces. Drat! No major harm done. Video should have you removing the top half of the console and then removing the bolts from the rear storage compartment so there would be no question that you are only working with part of it.
- Getting the pins at the front of the shifter reinstalled was a holy PITA. I've no idea how the guy in the video just flippity-doo-dah'd and got then in so easily. Dropped mine 10 times and had to use my magnetic telescope retrieval tool to pick them back up (luckily I could usually do it from inside the car, down thru the console). Fat fingers I guess.
- The video shows putting the console back and then placing and finger-tightening the handle mounting plates to the shifter stalk. It was easier to do this before the console reinstall.
- Video could have mentioned that if you want to adjust the tension on the shifter, it would be easier to do this before installing. I didn't change the tension because I like the firmness but it is a HUGE difference from stock and others may not want such a big change.

That's it. If I can do it, pretty sure anybody can. :)


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