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My '09 SRT Challenger wouldn't start this morning. Got the "clicks and blinking dash" like I had seen once before, last June. Opened the trunk, looked at the battery and found a whole lot of corrosive "gunk" on the ground cable/battery post. Plus the cable was loose on the battery post. Found the same thing last June!

Fortunately I cleaned up and kept the previous cable, so just popped it on, and was off to dealer to get a new one. Asked them if there were any recall issues, and found none.

Sooooo....what is going on, and why am I having ground cable corrosion problems? I can see nothing obvious, other than the corrosion. The cable is loose because the corrosion had eaten the bolt in two. I am wondering if for some reason the cable is loosening, and this is causing the corrosion due to arcing?

Ferris? Anyone?
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