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Been dreading today since before I bought the my challenger

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From reading on here I knew that removing the factory installed oil filter would be tough. I finally attempted it today at just under 2,000 miles.
I wanted to do it myself since like a lot of you I don't trust dealership mechanics. I used an endcap type tool with 3/8 in. drive from Autozone. The newer ones they have are all one piece hardened steel. A 3/8 breaker bar and slow steady pressure made it easy. The gasket did come off of the filter but was easy to remove from the housing. Glad thats over!!!!
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This was the greastest find for oil filter removal. It worked like a charm on my first filter change, even reefs off the huge 1-gallon oil filter on my Fleetwood Revolution's 400hp diesel Caterpillar engine. This thing can tackle any filter providing you have access. Since getting one, no more screwdriver through the filter...

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