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Before installing SRTMAX Camshaft .. Can you feed me with some info plz? thanks

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After a lot of researching and a lot of great info from the guy's at this forums, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the SRTMAX camshaft for my SRT !! woohoo

But to tell the truth, I'm a little bit worried to install it. I am using my car as a daily drive car so after installing the cam, will it be okay to drive it in the city for long hours? even traveling from state to another? any major issues with the engine after some time of installing the cam?
That would be my biggest concern ..

My current mod's are (CAI, LT headers with high flow cats, corsa cat back, 180 T, DS trinity) and what I'm putting is the SRTMAX camshaft along with a new Custom Forged Pushrods in my auto SRT.

And since I'm doing it, what would you recommend guy's to change as well?
Like a new throttle body? a ported air intake (and by the way what does it mean lol? ) ?
I should be looking at 445-455 rwhp , so should I change my spark plugs?? etc..

Any recommendations or warnings during the installation?
After the installation, should I drive it for couple of hours before putting it on the dyno? what would be the right way of doing these things?

I'm sorry if my questions are basic .. but I'm really new to this.

I will be posting some pic's of the work later :bigthumb:

any kind of info will be much appreciated.
Thanks guy's.
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Good questions, as I have bought the same cam and would also like to know.
I got the Spartan camshaft from Stu at Inertia who has the SRTMax Cam. You should give him a call and talk to him as he would answer all of those questions and then some.

Relatively, I just finished a 1200 mi roadtrip with my cam setup and didn't have any issues. If I remember correctly, Stu recommended a torque converter with the SRTMax cams.

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