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Anybody running the STiR Plus? The reviews look really good, as it is basically a Passport 9500ci system. However, the STiR Plus features KA band segmentation.

This really extends KA range when you determine the KA frequencies used in your state. It uses the M3 antennas which is what the Escort Redline uses.

It can be upgraded with Laser blockers, however Alabama uses very little Laser. Troopers are using it a little more, but not much. Most use KA continuous on radar.

I have been using a Blendmount with a Escort Passport Max and it crushes the local LEO... troopers included. Unfortunately, The Blendmount will not work with the 2015's and I have grown attached to the concealed look.

CarTunes in Atlanta is doing the install. Total price is $1,500. The unit is $1299 and the install is $200. Not to bad since they said the install is 3-4 hours.
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