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July 19th & 20th The Chicagoland Mopar Connection is having their Belvidere Mopar Happening Car Show & Swap. It will be at Boone County Fairgrounds in Belvidere, IL.

Saturday there is going to be a Dyno, 2 pulls for $80.
Then there is a cruise from the fairgrounds to Jack Wolf Dodge. Then a SUPER SECRET cruise location that might be associated with Mopar somehow.

Then a return to the fairgrounds (afterwards where most of us will be going to the Popular Grove Airport for their big party there with live band and beer garden)

Sunday is the rest of the show and swap, which shouldn't be missed.

For the cruise

About 4 pm we will head over to Jack Wolf Dodge.

Around 6 we will start the cruise. We will be going past a SECRET LOCATION as arrangements are still being worked on.

After cruising to and some pictures are done. We will cruise back to the fairgrounds.

Then it is up to you, but many of us are going over to Popular Grove airport for the party there. They have a live band, beer garden, tons of cool cars and planes on display.

If you want to get an idea, below is the link to pictures from last year.

Also this great little old Gas Station at the Museum is a great photo-op.

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