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I'm starting this thread in order to collect who the best dealers are pricewise for new Challenger purchases.

I'd like to avoid discussion, just keep it concise and factual.
What I'm looking for are one of two posts:

a) Posts from members who are themselves dealers, eg 2cardudes or Bob Fredericks. Include:
- location(s)
- the prices you are willing to entertain for purchasing new cars (eg, will sell at invoice, or $X under MSRP)
- whether you will do remote sales
- delivery cost estimates
- your contact info

b) Posts from members that got good deals. Include:
- name and location of the dealer
- contact info if you have it, and a contact's name if useful
- if you know whether they will do remote sales, say so
- if you did a remote sale, your location and the delivery costs
- year, trim, and options
- amount relative to MSRP or invoice (eg, paid $500 below MSRP)
optionally include:
- MSRP and/or invoice (FWP) for the car as optioned (can be found in other threads if necessary)
- actual amount you paid (less taxes)
- any additional comments about the transaction such as price, haggling, did you have/use/need any leverage to get the price you got (eg, got $500 knocked off because of the now-non-existent mopar bucks) or family friend, any delivery issues, etc.

If a trade-in was involved, please either do not post (because that skews the deal by an unknown amount), or qualify it at the top. If you know what the price would have been w/o the trade in, and it's good, please do post.

If you are a mister-money-bags and went ahead and just paid the dealer what they asked for, eg $5k over MSRP w/o batting an eye, please don't bother posting.

I think this will be immensely helpful to those looking to find the dealers that are great to work with regarding pricing. From other posts it seems quite clear that there are a number of dealers with their heads in the clouds (or up inside other areas) (eg, expecting to get $5k over MSRP).

This should also be good for the dealers--if you're a great dealer, you should get more business directed your way.

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I just picked up a 2010 R/t 6spd that was MSRP of 36170.00, and they were motivated enough to knock that down to 28800.00. I really didn't haggle much, just explained if they came down enough I could buy it, if not I couldn't. The dealer is Dave Dennis Dodge in Dayton ohio. They are located right next to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. At the time I bought mine they had I think four or five more 2010's and several 2011's.

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Mac Haik Dodge
Georgetown, TX

List - $33,995
Option's - 27F/Track Pac
Purchase - $26,500
No Trade, No Financing, Employee Discount
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