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I am getting ready to replace my Busted Grille on my 2011 Dodge Challenger SXT / SE I am trying to find a good Video or
Printable Instructions for the Removal of the Fascia / Bumper Cover. Most Youtube Videos people are drowning out instructions
with awful and way to loud Music. I'd rather have diagrams with instructions I can print out.

I made a sad mistake to do the Chiltons Online purchase and what a joke at best. It's only pointing to things with no
step by step instructions and the illustrations look like a Kindergarten Child drew the illustrations. Had to raise heck with to get a refund ...

I am old school give me a service Manual, I am not gonna look at a 5" screen on a Smart Phone and not buying a tablet
for larger view for a device that can get broken while working on a car.

With that said back to the original question if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.......

PS here is an sample of what you get with Online Subscription and the refference links are just as uninformative ...


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This one shows it pretty good

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