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Best way to get playlist to MyGig?

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Okay, maybe I'm missing something but I'm pretty technologically savvy and can't figure out the best way to get playlists to MyGig.

What I've done so far is just save the playlists on a flash drive and copy them to MyGig. The problems with doing it this way are:

1) No matter how I save the playlist, once it goes to MyGig it plays the songs in alphabetical order and not my saved order
2) If I have a given song on 4 different playlists, it copies to MyGig 4 times. Not a huge problem, but it takes a ton of time to copy everything over.
3) The biggest issue is when I want to change my playlist. If I add a song through iTunes or whatever, I then have to delete the entire playlist from MyGig and reinstall it.

I know that in MyGig you have the option to create a new playlist, but I have some playlists that are 300+ songs - would be a pain to do that in a car but if that's the only way then so be it. Any thoughts or advice?
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Same issues with mine on all three of those mentioned.

1) I quit spending time tinkering with the play order after I found that my car sorts them alphabetically. Granted, you could still name the songs 1, 2, 3, etc before the proper title, but that gets into annoying nitpicking for me. Someone else had a suggestion for play orders relating to copied CDs, but I don't recall what it was. The radio does the same thing to them.

2) Yes, but to be fair, it's copying to the flash drive in four locations as well, once for each playlist. I just keep a dedicated 16gB flash drive for the stero in my car rather than shuffling stuff on and off my other ones.

3) I thought there was an option to copy individual songs over from a playlist rather than the entire list, but haven't tried it. I'll try again next time I have to add a few songs.
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