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Black cover under hood?

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Does anyone know if it will hurt to remove the black cover under the hood? Will it affect the paint on either side of the hood, it is really a eye sore it looks all dried and out and was wanting to remove it.
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My guess is you could probably remove it, especially if you make the scoops functional. That will help let hot air out of the engine area when the motor is shut off. That being said, I would not do it. Something else. Do not get engine cleaner on it, or use a pressure washer on it with soap. The soap will eventually come through, if you think it looks bad now, it will really look bad with white spots all over it. I know!! Had to have it replaced!

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I'd leave the hood insulation pad in place on my own car, frankly.

When the engine is shut down, there is a lot of heat soak effect from the hot engine and exhaust system - heat rises and the hood would heat up, potentially aging and degrading the paint.

I've seen a lot of older cars where engine heat made the clear coat break down or paint 'crazing' due to those conditions.

Feel the hood after the car has been parked for about 15-20 minutes - note how warm it is. Imagine how much more warmer w/o that pad it would get...

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It will eventually cook and discolor the paint on the hood over the engine. Have seen this many times.
They wouldn't spent the $ to install it if it wasn't needed.
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