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So my car was keyed, Another thread on that. Besides this my body shop I used for when I was rear ended (did amazing on that repair) screwed up twice on this repair and one has been agreed to be fixed

1 - 6.1 Hemi Badge on the drivers side reads HEMI 6.1 instead of 6.1 HEMI, They ordered a new badge and will remove that one and put it on the right way so both sides read 6.1 HEMI

2 - The Carbon Fiber stripe decals are bubbled and are showing now 2 and a half weeks since they've been applied. The left side bumper decal is peeling from under the bumper.

They paid $649 for the hood decal, plus another 84.95 x 2 for each of the bumper decals. Insurance ate most of the cost for me luckily as the total was around 2,200 but now i have to go back again saying now look the decals are crappily put on also.

Anyone else have experience with this subject and what i should expect from the repair shop. I don't think they would like to agree to eating that cost but i couldn't care less.
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