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Finally got enough cash for Borla Atak 馃槉
Worth every penny !!!! NO DRONE !!!! And LOUD OUTSIDE!!! Nice !! With welded on black quad tips from Wesdon auto so nice !!! Big pain to remove stock chromed tips but worth it .. figured I show some picks .. for anyone interested..

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Nice...they do guarantee no drone, and the system does have resonators. Congrats (y)

I also like your spoiler overlay...where did you get that if you don't mind me asking? I hadn't seen that before

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I would have to hit the tips with some paint inside though if it was me...they came that way?
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Welcome to the club. The car was fun before it's not 10x more fun

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Congrats on the ATAK install; very pleasant to the ear! Wesdon has great exhaust tips; I got a pair on my S-type catback. Originally polished, now matte black. I did cut the inlets by about an inch to tuck them slightly further in.


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Nice!!!! I love my Borla ATAK!!! I like it so much I put on both of my 2010 R/T Challengers!
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