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2015-2017 Charger SRT Hellcat Cat-Back Exhaust ATAK 140667 - $1802.99

That deep tone and aggressive sound you want for your muscle car that the factory should have provided is here now.

Borla's multicore ATAK exhaust systems have created quiet a stir around the automotive world. Since their release, they've become the premiere exhaust choice for high-powered, great-sounding, American V8 engines: the sort of vehicle that the Charger SRT Hellcat embodies!

The marriage of the ATAK and the Charger SRT Hellcat seemed like a no-brainer, and this system proves that that's 100% true. A Borla exhaust system opens up the Charger SRT Hellcat exhaust for a greatly increased air flow, which equates to much more HP and Torque across the RPM range, as well as incredible exhaust tone and volume. The ATAK systems--which stands for Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics--take these features to the extreme, as the systems are specifically designed to provide the optimal exhaust tone and volume, with minimal cabin drone. This exhaust system is certainly among the very best available for the Charger SRT Hellcat , and provides all the great exhaust benefits that Challenger owners look for!

  • 2015 Dodge Charger
  • 2016 Dodge Charger
  • 2017 Dodge Charger


FREE SHIPPING in the Lower 48 states! Half price shipping to Canada.
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