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Monitor: I decided to post this here for the folks to discuss bracket racing, I'm racing a non-Challenger however it's not about brand or which make is better etc. Simply how I go about racing, If this is not appropriate please delete. Thanks. This was from about a month ago and I hope to get back to the track soon, Stupid hurricane really messed up my racing schedule.

At long last I was finally able to race again. I haven't been able to race for over 2 years and the car's been out of action for over 3 years. I would of liked to make a few T & T's but what the heck and entered the bracket points event in No Box at IRR. Into the fire. Because of all rust I decided deep stage and foot brake the car for the race. My intent was to get 4 passes (2 time shots, 1 elimination , and a buy back) to gather information for next weeks 6.50 index race. Goals for the day was to keep me, the car, and other racers safe and be able to take the car home in one piece to race the following week.

First time shot. Its been a while. Went in deep foot braking at 1800rpm. Third amber and out. WOW, .030 RT 6.54 @ 108.20 short shifting at 6500. Pass felt very good and the pass removed my worries.

Second time shot. Set up the same way. .022 RT, 6.475 @ 109.33. I missed the shift points and did both shifts at 7000. This thing purrs and pulls really quick after 4000rmps. The higher the shift points the quicker the ET. I like short shifting and like having a lot in the bank.

Eliminations E1. Hero to goat. I wanted to get a bit better on the tree so I decided to try launching at 2100rpm. I dialed a 6.57 (yes I sand bag) and went up a slower Firebird dialed 8.81. I raised the rmp to 2100 and slide in....too deep. My right knee started to scream at me and I really can't hold the car at that high of an rmp. I looked up from the tree to watch my opponent launch green and then continued to watch him go down the track. WTF. Duah. Back on the tree and guess what RED, Hit my 6500 shift points and ran it out to a 6.54 @ 108.70. When I go red I go red -065. Firebird was .034 on the tree and went 8.84 on his 8.81 dial. That pass was so bad I jumped out of the car and almost ran to the buy back window. I wasn't going to leave the track on a negative note.

Elimination R2, went back to my original setup deep and 1800 rpm launch. Opponent dialed 7.42 against my 6.57. Staging went well and I looked over to see my opponent go red. Again lost focus on the tree and got a stellar .136 RT, I used the run for practice lifting on the top. Gave him 3 ump's and ran a 6.52 @103.35 . My calc was a 6.49 pass. Yes I missed the 6500 shift points. Car likes 7000 lol.

Round E3. I kept things the same including the 6.57 dial. Holy carp Batman I'm up against a bike dialed 5.73. Where do you look at the bike to judge the finish? For lack of experience I decided to look at the center of his rear tire. This is my very first time up against a bike. I put it in deep and really focus on the tree. Third amber and I'm out feeling really good on the hit. I look up and to my surprise see my win light. The bike never got near me on the top end. I think he drifted thru the beam on the starting line as the time slip shows the was -.5000 red. I was .012 on the tree and ran it out to a 6.52 @ 108.67. Yes I shifted at 6500.

Wow I'm still in for E4 and on the ladder. $$$$$ round. Again I kept the 6.57 dial. I had lane choice and stayed in the right lane. Opponent moved to the left with a 7.15 dial. Third amber and I'm out green but feeling late. Oh well hit my 6500 shift points and dumped him on the top. Yippie Skippie my win comes on. He broke out with a 7.114. I crossed behind by .0302mov My 6.61 @ 100.60 would of been a 6.54 flat out.

Semi finals last four cars. Ladder put me up against Sonny Freeman (track champ) and with my last .080RT gives him lane choice. He moves me over to the left. No big deal for me as I normally run on the right but prefer the left side. I'm feeling good being bumped into the other lane. I am in cold focus for this one. Same old same old and kept my 6.57 dial. Sonny is dialed faster at 5.63. Guess that may be the reason he's called Super Sonny. I deep stage and go on the third amber feeling good on my hit. I did a good job shifting right on 6500 and give 2 ump's before the line. I look over and don't see him at all. He is nowhere to be found so I lifted completely off the gas. You guessed it he comes flying past me to take the win. Tale of the tape I was .017 against his .049 on the tree. My 6.67 @ 98.51 would of been another 6.51. My bad as I gave him the win. Sonny went 5.66 @ 109.06 so I'm sure he lifted seeing me coast.

Over all I'm very happy with the day and very excited for the upcoming 6.50 index. I got a lot to work on and will be sharpening my skill set.
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